Where are the kings?

Where is Alexander the great? Where is Napoleon? where are Caeser? where is ashoka the great? where is the British empire? none of them are living now. None will live forever. Not a single kingdom survived the onslaught of time. All consigned to flames and history books. Not even one chinese will live forever. Why china want more land i dont know ?

Mask compulsory even n house

50% OF family strife is due to talking too much. If you can make mask compulsory even in house and bedroom most of the family problems will vanish. Govts should seriously consider making mask compulsory 24 hours. iron mask will be better. ladies can wear gold masks

WHO is who?

USA formally withdraws from world health organisation. Well i dont know much about the truth of the accusatioons. But i am sure of the sinister global politics going on in the world now. One country wants to be the super power and the other wants status co, in between other countries suffer. Anyway china needs who more than anyone else. They are the people who are creating viruses with all their food habits. Anyway what that snake symbolises on who ‘s flag?


Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel, which features gold plated exteriors and interiors,

The Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel boasts of 24-karat-cladded interiors and exteriors. The five-star hotel sits by Giang Vo Lake, in the centre of the Vietnamese capital. The hotel, owned by Hoa Binh Group and managed by US-based Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, took 11 years to build and boasts about being the first property in the world to be clad in gold.From the tiles, bathtub, coffee cups, to the gold-plated infinity pool on the roof, the hotel is plated in 24-carat metal. The hotel has 400-rooms across a 25-storeyed building. Talk about having too much gold. Lust for lustrous gold trancends boundaries.

Sars, corona, g4, bubonic not by chance

Sars,corona, g4, now bubonic virus all are spreading from china. So many virus, epidemic from one country!one can be by chance so many cannot be by chance. There must be something wrong with chinese food, hygiene. habits. Ants, rats, pigs, monkeys oh my god! what we throw of as garbage they are eating, doing the job of human scavengers on earth. Chinese are not only hunting for land, they are hunting every living organism on the earth. Better keep of chinese food

Online classes

Online classes are for professionals who cant attend regular classes and want to add to additional skills to their knowledge. online classes are being organised now even from the age of 5 which is absurd. children cant learn anything fron online classes at that age. probably it is an attempt by institutes to some how collect fees