Why Britain should be Britain?

It is always a mystery to me why some words should be like that.Why Britain should be Britain? Why not simply britan? Why do we need x>? Why cant we forget z. It is the same for any language.In olden days people spoke something and we gave confusing reasons like phonetics, classical etc etc. When civilisation is improved and thinking process is advanced, why cant we refine our language and simplify to make life easy for english learners, particularly when english is becoming universal language.
I feel that we should start using simplified english. Do you agree?


3 comments on “Why Britain should be Britain?

    • Your blog post is good . yes certainly there is a possibility of confusion and may look ugly in short term. but in the long term i am sure it will be much easier to learn and use. in fact, that is how all languages are getting modified, though the natural process is pretty slow and unrecognisable: may be centuries, but definitely that is how all languages are getting evolved. why not we start using it here,. let us be the first

  1. Nope – I disagree. Politely, of course.

    Change it, simplify it – and you will have a new set of conventions after a while, and things will keep becoming difficult.

    It isn’t something fixable, only learnable.

    Besides – I already know it! And I can’t change a lifetime of reading good literature (and a lot of other stuff, too) to learn a completely new version. Plus, even ‘simplify’ isn’t simple – lots of different versions of ‘simple’ English exists – and they are incompatible.

    Remember Esperanto? If it were that easy, we’d all speak Esperanto by now.

    Still, good ideas to think about – especially if you write SF.

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