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arvind kejriwal arvind kejriwal

Arvind kejriwal has set out to sweep away corruption from the midst of indian governance. Well great goal indeed but may be too ambitious. We all know how deeprooted this monster called corruption. Kejriwal may be or may not be able to root out this evil but still we all who suffered and suffering from the octopus of corruption should give him a hand of support. Even if he cant destroy totally atleast he may be able to control upto some extent. Wish him well

Narendra Modi chief minister of gujarat

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is the chief minister of gujarat one of the most industrious states of india. Bjp is victorious for 3 consecutive terms in gujarat under his able leadership.Though some claim him to be fundamentalist there is no doubt that he is one of the forward looking leader of india. Bjp has recently projected him as the future prime ministerial candidate in the up coming elections.At present he is looking like reaching the post first