What? How ? Why?

These are the words pushing civilisation forward. Every invention, discovery starts with these questions

What happened exactly?

How it happened ?

Why it happened?

Probably if you know the exact answers to these three questions, you have solutions for every problem in the world

Why apple should fall down?


isaac newtons house

Sir Isaac Newton’s house: Woolsthorpe Manor in which  Newton did his light splitting experiments.well great things start from humble biginnings

newtons tree

And the  tree which inspired newton to think of gravity by hitting his head and activating his neurons. Try going there and sitting below it for some time and wait for the apple. Who knows one of you may invent a rarity someday. Great places do magic at times

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Woman distracted by Facebook falls 65 feet into water

Sydney:  A tourist in Australia plunged off a pier while browsing Facebook on her phone.

facebook facebook

The woman was walking along a bay in Melbourne on Monday night when she became distracted by her Facebook feed and plummeted off the pier into the chilly water.

A witness called for help and police rushed to the woman’s aid. They found her flailing around in the water, about 20 meters (65 feet) from the pier.

“She still had her mobile phone in her hand while still swimming in chilly water.”

The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Facebook,twiiter vs life


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Naughty boy

naughty boy naughty boy

India successfully launched a heavy-duty rocket with indigenous cryogenic engine that placed a communication satellite into the orbit, named ‘naughty boy’ after “toiling” for 20 years. The mission surely is a milestone for the ISRO and indian scientists. With this launch, India became the sixth space agency in the world after the United States, Russia, Japan, China and France to have joined the indigenous cryogenic regime .The primary objective of this mission is to augment the in-orbit capacity of extended C and Ku-band transponders and provide a platform for new experiments. Well there is nothing like success

T-shirt that will not stain

silic t shirt silic t shirt

: If you are tired of washing your clothes stains every day, well dont worry. Buy silic t shirts. A student Aamir Patel has invented a T-shirt that is impossible to stain.The t shirt can resist stains including Coca-Cola, tomato ketchup, mustard, milkshakes, beer, ink and even red wine.The clothing will be made from polyester, which has been infused with a combination of chemicals that make it resistant to water. good to hear the news, but may be laziness may be lurking around to overwhelm you soon.

Floating city


floating city

This is a computer-generated pic of the world’s first ever 10 billion dollar floating city.

The ‘Freedom Ship’, will be 1.6 kilometre long and will have enough space for 50,000 permanent residents within its 25 storeys, schools, hospitals, art galleries, shops, parks, an aquarium and a casino.

The vessel will also have its own airport on the roof, with a runway serving small private and commercial aircraft carrying up to 40 passengers each and will be 229 metres at the beam, 107 metres high and 1.3 km in length.

The ship will be powered by solar panels and wave energy, would spend 70 percent of its time anchored off major cities and the rest sailing between countries as it would navigate from the east coast of the US across the Atlantic to Europe and into the Mediterranean.

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A TINY Caterpillar has forced a great country to declare emergency





Infestations of the Helicoverpa caterpillar in Brazil‘s grain belt prompted the agriculture ministry on Monday to declare a state of emergency in the leading soy state of Mato Grosso, highlighting the potential risk to large parts of the crop.
Well you should not ignore any thing on this planet. Even a smallest thing on this world can cause the biggest good or bad

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New theory of evolution



Homo sapiens that is we human beings are believed to have been evolved from chimpanzee. but a new theory is being propounded by Eugene McCarthy, of the University of Georgia, who is also one of the worlds leading authorities on hybridisation in animals. He theorises : human species began as the hybrid offspring of a male pig and a female chimpanzee


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