Over flowing world

train train

The world is over flowing with population eating into precious resources worldwide. If this growth rate of population continues it may not be long since we will not have enough food, facilities on this earth. Streetfights for bread may become the rule of the day. Governments worldwide should pay attention towards population control before it is too late. Otherwise no matter what may be progress, it may not be enough


2 comments on “Over flowing world

  1. Add this to wing of Science of Doom Failures. The Doom experts said we had over population tipping point 50 years ago, so we are extinct already so don’t worry. Also, we depleted the ozone with pressurized spray cans, so we will burn to death. Also, tuna is poisoned with mercury. I have been eating contaminated tuna for 60 years, so I am dead. GLOBAL WARMING is the new wing of Museum of Doom. Don’t worry, insects will survive to keep intelligent life on the earth. Prophets of doom are always with us.

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